Siti Suggeriti

Tania Kadokura (Giappone)

She was offered a catering job and an intro to a cooking magazine. Other magazines began to call, wanting her to show Japanese women how to have home parties. She began organizing cooking tours abroad. “Things just snowballed.”

Terenzio Tours (USA)

Experience Tuscany or Provence on an intimate cultural, culinary adventure that will introduce you to a unique and authentic slice of Mediterranean life that few tourists have the opportunity to see.

Italy by Design (USA)

We are a unique travel service specializing in small and very personalized individual and group travel to Italy. A website devoted to those individuals who are truly passionate about travel to Italy.

Dream of Italy (USA)

Provides insider Italy travel advice to help you plan an authentic Italian vacation!

Gola Osteria (USA)

Enjoy our unique and expansive dinner menu that includes homemade pasta, sauces and seasonal ingredients. We have a full bar with a well-curated Italian and Finger Lakes wine list, and a selection of cocktails.

Acetaia del Cristo (Italia)

All’Acetaia del Cristo già da tre generazioni ci adoperiamo per trasmetterVi l’eredità culturale ed il fascino dell’Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena in passato riservato agli usi familiari e gelosamente custodito in soffitta dai nostri avi.