About us

The Lombardi’s wanted to develop the 39 hectares of olive trees of Pornanino, and the result of his working retirement has been their premier Pornanino Extra-Virgin Olive Oil which is shipped all over the world. Sun, stone, dryness, silence and solitude are the five ingredients that, according to Italian folk traditions, create the ideal habitat for the olive tree, and Pornanino had all these vital attributes and more. The tradition in Chianti has always been to cultivate primarily vineyards. Olive groves and oil were the "little brothers" of the vineyards and wine, so the simple idea was to become the only farmers in the area to produce only olive oil which was a true challenge and the entire Lombardi family embraced the dream and continues to do so.
The Pornanino Extra -Virgin Olive oil (EVOO) is a 100% guaranteed top quality, pure unblended natural product, from untreated olive trees. It is thus free of chemical fertilizers and preservatives. The olives are picked from four different types of olive trees such as Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo and Leccino, which give the Pornanino Extra-Virgin Olive oil its distinct, unique flavor. The olive groves are located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, to ensure healthy, tasty olives. After picking, the olives are cold pressed in a traditional stone mill in order to preserve the olives' perfect taste. Each single process, from taking care of the olive groves to hand picking, to cold pressing is supervised by the Lombardi family, in their oil mill or “frantoio” where the bottling also takes place.

Who we are?

Located in the heart of the Chianti Classico area in Tuscany, the Pornanino Olive Oil estate is a family-run operation owned by Francesca and Matteo that continues the long held dream of Lia and Franco Lombardi which was to “retire” in Chianti after working elsewhere. As totally committed and enthusiastic producers, the Lombardi family takes great pride in the quality of their extra virgin olive oil. We care for our olive trees ourselves, hand harvest the olives and cold press them within hours in our own press, then bottle the extra virgin olive oil and ship it directly to a selected clientele of gourmet friends around the world.

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