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Explore the rich moisturising properties of Pornanino Olive Oil Soap which allow you to 'nourish your skin naturally'.
Olive oil has been used for centuries to moisturize and gently cleanse the skin. Its antioxidant properties are legendary for nourishing skin and fighting the signs of aging. No foamers, artificial colors or additives, just a pure and simple clean you can feel good about.

Standard pack ( available from 12 to 60 bars box )

Gift pack ( available from 12 to 60 bars box )
Everybody knows how good olive oil is for you on the inside. But it's also one of the few oils that's super-compatible with human skin. Which is lucky because olive oil is loaded with the antioxidants, Vitamin E and polyphenols that help repair cells and neutralize free radicals - the unstable molecules created by environmental stresses like pollution, smoking and over-exposure to the sun. These molecules damage healthy skin, making it age faster and even causing disease. And while olive oil is protecting your skin it's also stimulating, healing, moisturizing, toning and firming it. No wonder the people of the Mediterranean have used olive oil to nourish their skin for hundreds of years.

But what sort of olive oil is right to use in soap? There are several grades of olive oil, and these differences affect the final soap making process and quality, some soap makers prefer one over the other. Our formula is unique and using a "cold soap making process" together with Pornanino Extra Virgin Olive Oil our soap retains its natural glycerine and healthy properties.

All Natural:
- Made with Pornanino First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Cold soap making process
- Fresh components & process ensure it last a very long time
- Soft, creamy lather that gently cleanses
- No sulfates, parabens, phthalates
- Vegan & gluten free
- Hyper Moisturizing
- Antioxidant rich
- Few reactions
- Natural and lightly scented

Size: 3.52 oz. / 100 gr. - Color variation is possible with natural products.
Our customers said:
  • Gloria - "I am loving the soap I purchased. It lathers up nicely, smells good, and I feel refreshed when using it"
  • Tami - "Thank you so much. I love the soap that you enclosed and was hoping this item is available to purchase"
  • Susan - "Thank you for the wonderful book and the bar of soap, indeed my favourite type"
  • Jane - "The soap is a very special treat. Used it today. Lovely"
  • Lloyd - "I cannot wait to try the soap. I am actually quite fond of olive oil soap"
  • Rosie - "The soap is so soothing, the scent is refreshing, and the smooth silky feeling linger"
  • Virginia - "I did, however, rather greedily open the soap and it is divine!!!!"