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  • Ethel Thuyn from St. Amandsberg, Belgie : "I'm really pleased and I'll will stay a loyal customer"
  • Marcy and Stu Newberger from McLean, VA : "We look forward to your olive oil each year. Thanks for continuing your good quality and service"
  • Aubrey Lunsford from New Smyrna Beach, Florida : "I miss the beautiful wooden cork stoppers. . . they complemented the bottle, making it more of a beautiful vision than the screw tops. . .. however, one can control portions a bit more easily. . . . however again, I did love just POURING IT!"
  • Darcy Hemstreet from Issaquah, WA : "Everything is wonderful - from the family who runs the farm and makes the wonderful olive oil to the the oil itself and having it shipped directly to my front door! Thank you for producing such a wonderful product!"
  • Elizabeth M. King from Portland, OR : "Love doing business with you & sharing the wonderful oil as a gift with friends as Chrsitmas time "
  • Jennie E. Horton from Bellaire, Texas : "My friends and family have alwayss been extremely satisfied with your olive oil and think it is the best we have ever used."
  • Steve Cavazos from Concord, California : "We always enjoy the day when the oil arrives. It reminds us of the sunny days we spent at Pornanino. Thank you."
  • Cathy & Steve Rooney from Egg Harbor, New Jersey : "Your oil is liquid gold! We spent our honeymoon at Pornanino & loved it. We are plaaning on returning to Italy in 2010 & hope to visit you while there for the oil seminar. We have given a number of bottles of both last years & this years oil out & everyone loves it! Thank you for producing it!"
  • Sabine Brouckaert from Antwerpen, Belgie : "Cheval Blanc 1964 this wine is ok. Citroën DS 1955 nice car. Timeless: that cold pressing with your warm hart."
  • Aubrey Lunsford from Edgewater, Florida: "... fresh from the press, golden olive sunshine in your Pornanino bottle !!! I kept more for myself this year !!! Delicious !!!"
  • Diana Grove from Middleton, Wisconsin: "We recieved our olive oil just before Christmas holiday and happily gave many away as gifts. We kept two for ourselves and have finished one bottle mainly dipping black olive bread into it - oh, so good. It is truly liquid gold. Thank you for your loving efforts in the olive grove."
  • Carol Ross from Lafayette, Louisiana: "Franco and Francesca: I have had the great pleasure of indulging in your olive oil for several years now, since my husband Ron Gomez and I attended your lecture and tasting. On occasion, we have had to purchase another brand while we wait for our treasure from Pornanino to arrive each year and, I assure you, nothing else comes close. And our friends wonder why my salad dressing and other foods taste so good. I tell them the difference is the olive oil from Podere Pornanino. Thank you for never compromising on quality. Mille Grazie!!"
  • Mary Kay Martin and Kenneth Wargin from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin: "We have changed our email, but not our love of your wonderful olive oil! Please send us what we usually order !"
  • Carole Shafe froom Scottsdale, Arizona: "I want to order 12 bottles of your wonderful olive oil this year. The 6 I got l year went too fast. Love Love Love it. Can't wait."
  • Daniel R. Wilson from Gig Harbor, Washington: "I look forward to again receiving your excellent olive oil. It has been a few years, but the memories of our visit and your olive oil are wonderful."
  • Kay Benjamin from Kansas City, United States: "We are traveling in Italy from Kansas City in United States. Kathy from Dream of Italy recommended a seminar at your farm. Sounds Wonderful!!"
  • Mary Ann Colella from Garrett Park, Maryland: "I really wish I had ordered a case back in November. I have just run out of oil from the previous year, and I never realized how hard it was going to be to replace the delicious taste of your oil. Nothing measures up to your oil!!!"
  • Joel Kaufmann from Chicago, Illinois: "We have returned to Chicago and have had enough time to make our photo album from our trip to Pornanino and the rest of Tuscany. We truly enjoyed our stay with you as much as any vacation we have ever taken."
  • Heather French from Illinois: "We tried the olive oil tonight. Tell Franco we enjoyed it very much. It has a different taste than other olive oils we have tasted in the past. Mom and I cannot "put our fingers" on what it is. It is kind of like picking up the flavors in wine. We think it has a slight hint of a vegetable or herb. In any case it is very good and we will continue to enjoy it over the coming months."
  • Sharon Shurb from San Antonio, Texas: "Kindly place an order for six (6) bottles of your wonderful olive oil. I enjoyed your last newsletter very much. It is written very well and I cannot wait to try the recipes. Franco, everytime we use your olive oil it reminds me of our great trip to Italy, June 2005. As I told you before, one of the highlights of our trip to Italy was meeting you, your daughter and granddaughter. Please do not think of retiring for the second time and stop producing your wonderful olive oil. I don't know where I would go to get the same quality of oil. The best to you and your lovely family. A bigger hug, Sharon."
  • Gloria Esposito-Crum from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: "This was the epitomy of our trip. We loved Franco and his daughter, Francesco. Information about olive oil was invaluable not to mention the taste of the green oil from the Gods. Thank you for the magnificent visit you generously provided our family. My twin granddaughters, Elizabeth and Isabella still talk about "the olive man"."
  • Suzanne Crall from Ohio: "You were highly recommended by my friend and incredible tour guide, Nancy Lutz."
  • Stephen Shaya from Michigan: "It's the best !!!"
  • Barbara Dixon from Virginia: "Love your Olive oil!"
  • Bert Iannazzo from Maryland: "Franco, hope you and the family are doing well. Hope to visit you again next year. Bert."
  • Robert Tyszko from Canada: "just heard you on Winsconsin public radio; i m impresed by your product;i m wondering if i can buy it in toronto area somwhere in italian deli? please let me know; if not then i buy from you, thanks."
  • Patti Darling Miller from Wisconsin: "I have been in search of the perfect olive oil. I have found it. Would love to travel to help with the harvest. Thank-you, it is good to know people care so much about producing a superior product as much as you and your family do. You must be very proud. I feel this way and have not tasted it yet. I can hardly wait."
  • Mark Allen Marcott from Wisconsin: "Your interview with Jean Feraca was outstanding! My next trip to the Tuscan region should include a visit to your farm. I also plan to order some of your precious liquid. Thank you for enlightening my knowledge on "green gold". Ciao! Arriverderci!!"
  • Karen from Wisconsin: "Dear Franco, I heard you on WPR today, and I was impressed with all you had to say about Italy, olive oil, and the entire processing procedure. Someday, I will travel to Italy to help you harvest your olives."
  • Joan Masterson from Virginia: "I was just browsing your website looking for a gift for special friends who enjoy cooking and appreciate good olive oil. I attended one of your seminars back in 2002 in Kensington, Maryland, USA and was wondering if you will be visiting the USA soon and holding additional seminars. Joan"
  • Runo and Alana Anderson from Georgia: "Looking forward to our next case and a visit to Tuscany"
  • Robert Mangold from U.S.A.: "This is our 2nd case of your wonderfull oil. I only bring it out for special occasions or give it as a gift to my very best friends and family.Thank you so much for produving such a quality product. Thank-You. R.J. Mangold"
  • Kim Lombardifrom Illinois: "Franco, Your oil is the best I've ever had."
  • Tammy Cooper from Texas: "My visit to Tuscany in early October was fantastic and I so enjoyed your Olive Oil Tasting/seminar. What a fantastic country and warm and friendly people. Thank you for a memorable experience."
  • Linda J. Edral from Chicago, Illinois: "My two girlfriends and I attended your olive oil tasting in Sept. 02 and loved it. I just placed another olive oil order this morning. It's the best any of us ever had. Grazie tanto!"
  • Catherine Evans from Great Britain: "From a fantastic holiday with memories never to be fogotten - to a regular annual order of the taste of Il Pornanino! Fantasic"
  • Florentine Derks from The Netherlands: "Staying in your Leccino appt. has been a wonderful experience, and so is your olive oil! Thanks again! Guido and Florentine"
  • Elizabeth Bailey from Bloomington, Indiana: "your olive oil is unbelievable!"
  • David del Valle from Seattle, Washington: "My friend, Dr. John Mensher, told me yesterday about your orchard and the superb olive oil!"
  • Deborah Daily from California: "Loved your little book on "Green Gold""
  • Nancy Ellsworth from Colorado: "This is my second order. Just love your olive oil. You were so gracious when we visited last year. Nancy Ellsworth"
  • Amy Ulrich from Virginia: "Please let us know where you will be in the Alexandria Virginia area - we are planning on visiting relatives there the weekend of Oct 14 - 16, and absolutely MUST come to one of your tastings! I was at the Hyeholde in Pittsburgh two years ago, and have been raving to my husband and friends about your olive oil ever since."
  • Shana Wurth from Kansas: "My parents visited you on their trip to Italy and since then have purchased your olive oil. They have given me a few bottles and I absolutely love it!!! It is by far the best olive oil I have ever tried. The taste is addictive, I put it on everything."
  • Frank and Dorothy Marucci from Erie, Pennsylvania: "Love your olive oil!"
  • Ruedi Meyer from Switzerland: "Fine oil with heart! Great thanks!"
  • Mary Soboleski from Philadelpya, Pennsylvania: "Can't wait to receive the oil in December!"
  • John Tronolone from Williamsville, New York: "My sister gave me a bottle of your oil and it was great. Saving it for specil use."
  • Mark Cross from Des Moines, IA: "I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar. I'm an engineer who works in a vegetable oil refinery where we process different sunflower, soybean, and canola oils. I found the information you provided very interesting, informative, and I discovered some things I did not know about vegetable oils. Thank-you!"